I’d like to get between your legs and eat my way straight to your heart…


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friendly reminder that there are lots of zelda fans out there who don’t care how many games you’ve played, who you ship link with or what your headcanons are - they’re just happy that they’ve found someone else who loves zelda ✿◕‿◕✿

everything is people



eat the rude


I don’t know anyone rude enough to eat

nothing here is vegeterian


for one thing you spelled vegetarian wrong and I don’t think I want to eat people though thank you for your consideration of my needs


I don’t understand why this haven’t been made before. I can’t stand when I see the words “suffers from autism”. I might don’t have many difficulties as an aspergers compared to others, but it’s my environment that makes life difficult, not my autism. If you suffer from migraine, then yes, you can go to somewhere silent and lay down, but it won’t take it away. No matter if everyone leaves and you get to sit down with something you’re interested in, or they stop touching you, or whatever that could bug you, it won’t just go away. Not only by that. I only have problems because the busses are crowded and people say things that makes me extremely uncomfortable or crack their knuckles or what have you. That’s the difference. Why does I have to be cured and change and behave as you want? Why don’t you behave as I want?

Sure, there are things I have to fight with, as walking on the streets alone. I need help with that. But I can learn it. Just like you can learn how to solve advanced math problems or remember long, complicated words. That comes naturally to me. I don’t suffer from autism. I have autism. There’s a LOT of things I struggle with, but then I got a great visual memory, patience, a high IQ, a sense of how other feels that is so strong that I jokingly refers to it as my sixth sense, and I get extremely happy everytime I see bird, be it a gull, pigeon, crow or hawk. It will keep me smiling for minutes.

My autism does just as much good than bad. I don’t suffer from it.

Thank you.

(I’m very, very sorry if somebody that reads this think that their autism is really something they suffer from. I just don’t like when we got put under one hat, like “of course they all hate everything about themself, how could it be different?”.)


TW: ableism, homophobia, murder

‘In the early hours of the 23rd of June, Steven Simpson was set on fire by 20 year old Jordan Sheard, who had gate-crashed his house party in Cudworth, near Barnsley. He had been verbally abused, stripped of his clothes and had phrases like “I love d*ck” and “gay boy” scrawled across his body. He was then doused in tanning oil and Sheard lit his crotch with a cigarette lighter, and the flames engulfed his body. Those involved fled as Simpson’s neighbour tried desperately to put out the flames. Simpson died the next day after enduring 60% burns to his body.

Steven Simpson’s murder was the result of the hatred and humiliation caused to him because of his sexuality, and his disability. He was bullied, de-humanised and then killed. It follows the format of many killings of LGBTQ people world wide.

Sheffield Crown Court’s view on the matter has been frankly disgusting. Judge Roger Keen dismissed the crime as a ‘good-natured horseplay’ that had gone too far, and sentenced him to a unusually short sentence of three and a half years in prison. Sheard’s defence lawyer called what happened to Simpson as a ‘stupid prank that went wrong in a bad way’.

This was clearly a hate crime. Simpson was being taunted for his sexuality and his disability. He was devalued so much in the eyes of those involved, that they thought setting him on fire was somehow acceptable. He was a bright young man studying at Barnsley College, but his last moments alive on this earth must have been dehumanising, painful and terrifying.

How Judge Roger Keen can dismiss this so flippantly as “horseplay” is beyond us. He is re-enforcing the same notions that lead to Steven’s death: that homophobic bullying is fun, rather than a crime against LGBTQ people, that it is okay to mock or take advantage of someone’s disability, rather than looking out for them and treating them with respect, that setting someone on fire and burning them to death is a joke gone too far, rather than one of the inevitable consequences of the way we still treat people like Steven in our society.

It makes us sick to the stomach to think someone so young has been killed because he was different – and the frightening fact is that could have been any one of us that lives with a disability, or who is LGBTQ. Many have commented on the lenient sentencing of Steven’s killer, however I think this misses the point. The point here is the criminal justice system is complicit in the oppression of LGBTQ people and disabled people, when it makes comments like those of Judge Keen’s. It is churning out the very same ideas that lead to hate-crime.

It is not a joke, funny, or horseplay to treat someone in the way Steven was and we should not condone it as such. If we do condone this behaviour we are sending out the message that LGBTQ people and disabled people are fair game to be bullied and preyed upon. We are sending out the message that this okay for other young people to do what was done to Steven. It appears it is all okay with Judge Keen, just as long as you don’t kill someone.

But the point is, the way Steven was killed, was precisely a result of how he was treated. If he had just been treated like any other young person, with a bit of decency or respect, it would never have happened.

This is the message that Sheffield Crown Court should have put out. 

We hereby condemn Judge Keen’s remarks, call for him to make a public apology, and to make a statement recongising the daily battle people like Steven face because of their sexuality and their disability.

Steven’s death should serve as a reminder of what our LGBTQ and disabled youth face today.


I’ve not seen much about this on Tumblr, presumably because it happened in the North of England and not in the United States, but our disabled LGBT youth are important too! I encourage people to reblog so as many people sign the petition as possible.

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Is happy and excited. “Wow, you’re not very enthusiastic!”

The person who said that to me wasn’t being sarcastic, either. Apparently I don’t show emotions very well.

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So I had this today



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Oh my god I hate that. I hate the fact that I also have to go “That’s just my face.”

Everyone thinks I’m sad. It’s irritating.



Autistic and proud.

I don’t know if someone has made one saying this before, but if not I felt it needed to be done, and if it’s already been done then I forgot, so sorry. D:

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