I’ve been chipping away at this one, bit by bit, for a few weeks. Living with the official Naga model, my dog, was certainly a big help. He often strikes a majestic, epic pose on the porch, staring into his vast domain. This is a tribute to him, the quiet observer.


(Bo-Lin requested Naga as Ammy— so have some Nammy and Passun. ; u ;)



Um Naga…. Will you please say yes? I know it’s a little short notice, but… I really like you, and, um. I think it’d be really fun if we went together. >.> It’s totally up to you though! I’d understand if you…. said no….

(fnhtrGJKERh ilu Petite, omfgrjgkmdth <33)


OMG have you seen this yet? Looks like you can scratch one thing off your list lolz.


I couldn’t help myself. I HAD TO DRAW SOME STUFF FOR THIS.

Bolin’s face when Naga’s holding him XD