In this photo you can clearly see both of Kirby’s hands!

In other words…

There is NO WAY Kirby could have taken a selfie!!

Hold it!

Wikipedia and Urban Dictionary both define a “selfie” as a photo of someone, taken by themselves. Usually from arm length, or through a mirror. So even if Kirby did ask someone else to take the picture for him…

It still wouldn’t count as a selfie!

You are ignoring the fact that most cameras have a fancy option to use a timer that takes the picture when the taker activates it.

Kirby could’ve perfectly used this option to take the picture, which even in your urban dictionary definition would still count as a selfie.





ive said this before and ill say it again: notice how meta knights costume has no seams. meta knight killed a person. meta knight fucking killed this penguin and is now residing in their body

or maybe he just has the seams on the inside like anybody sewing a penguin disguise would do because he takes pride in his work instead of being a lazy glutton like Kirby who just waddles around like a fucking idiot eating everything in sight like that’s why Meta Knight is so embarrassed whenever you beat him and his mask comes off and he looks just like Kirby because an honorable knight of his caliber doesn’t want to be associated with that shitty-ass pink blob that somehow always saves everybody every god damn time just by eating things





What the hell is wrong with it?!

the newest copy ability: marital aid kirby


Un petit test pour voir les lois de la physique =) 

Avec mon cobaille préféré ^^

A little cute animation with Kirby (again ^P^) 


thast not how you fucking eat watermelon’s you pink idiot


Move Kirby !!! It’s so magical to animate a drawing =)

This animation is 100% new (90% of the last one was made in the past) so now I’ll post lots of new thing ^^

just be patient sometimes =P 

Thank you very much !! Merci beaucoup !!!

I really like Tumblr now, I have to check some and understand more things xD

Voila une nouvelle animation !! 

Time : 4 hours  84 pics =) 


And then there’s this one. I came across a brush while looking through my Likes, so I decided to use it.

It’s interesting to see how much the colors change when bringing the picture over from my PC to my Mac. The color profile to the latter is a lot more lush and vivid, supposedly matching real-life colors, and it makes my PC look very washed-out in comparison. I use my PC to draw, so I wanna try to match the colors so I’ll be using colors without having a drastic change between computers…if that makes sense.

I just realized that this kind of style and background would be perfect for Paint Kirby. Hmm, I might just have to do this again sometime!