nintendo mushroom cookie

all this careful precision and it’s just gonna be my shit in 6 hours

Pokemon evolutionary stone bracelet [x]



(( AUGH I FINISHED IT. This was an absolute pain. Drew the pattern myself and went at it with hardly any planning. Considering that, I think it turned out okay. The stitching is fairly haphazard. I got really impatient and just wanted to finish xD;

Aside from the seams in the tail, all of this was hand stitched. It’s made with several types of fleece and felt for the eyes. I know the paws aren’t the right color, but it was all I had >.>;

Seeing the final product does make me want to make another, though. I think next time I’ll make one all floppy and cuddly :3 ))

((Aaaaaaaa twinsie I’m so jealous xDDD))