Dark Chronicle/Dark Cloud 2 OST - Lunatic Wisdom Laboratory


Dark Chronicle/Dark Cloud 2 OST - Secret Energy

finally completed the georama for the moon palace garden and tried facing Griffon and died. I don’t think I picked up enough potato pies and witch parfaits……is he supposed to do like 100 or so damage to you? 0o;;(defense is like….48 or 52 or something?)

Oh well, I played enough tonight. Built up quite a few of my weapons too. They’re all only one build-up short of becoming ultimate weapons. :3c

also all those cutscenes with Alexandra D:



It’s like all the inspiration that left me months ago is coming back all at once

I’m gonna die omg

There’s a general lack of Dark Cloud on tumblr, and I wanted to try and fix that. So if any of you are fans of the game Dark Cloud or its sequel Dark Chronicles (Dark Cloud 2), might I suggest you go and check it out?

TRACK NAME: Lunatic Wisdom Laboratory
ALBUM TITLE: Dark Cloud 2
ARTIST: Tomohito Nishiura


Lunatic Wisdom Laboratory

Tomohito Nishiura

Dark Cloud 2