OOC: Labyrinth… . oh yes … I like this.

((Black Swan…
Oh gods.


Hunger Games. Shit.

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    Godzilla. I should basically safe, since I live in Europe, which seemed completely unharmed in that movie.
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    ……….. Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter……………
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    >Heathers FUCK.
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    HTTYD2 - Well, that’d certainly be interesting.
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    Beetlejuice. Hahahahaha. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! It’s SHOWTIME!!!
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    White chicks…. XD
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    Forgetting Sarah Marshall. That means I get dumped by Kristen Bell, go to Hawaii, meet/fall in love with Mila Kunis and...
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    Unless I’m Lisa. But, Darrien and Zoe would be dead. (Darrien. I’m so sorry if I misspelled your name.)
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    From Dusk till Dawn Oh dear, this is a problem! But then again, it did have Salma Hayek in a bikini!
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    How We Live Now Either survived world war 3 or dead…
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    Repo the Genetic Opera. Im either an angsty teen with daddy issues, or dead. Or Graverobber.
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    Pokémon 16. I think i’m okay
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    Fucking Diary of a Wimpy Kid fuck me
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    Moon. Which means I - in theory - get to live forever. But as clones who only last about 3 years. But I get to chill...
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    Month Python’s The Meaning of Life… Yeah pretty much.
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    The Mummy. I hope I live…
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    Despicable Me. Woo Minons! Butt! Hehehehe
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    Does um, the Supernatural count as a movie? Cause then I just died
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    Divergent probably not the best life.
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    Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. …Shit.
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    Spy Kids 3… Do I get to be ‘the guy’?
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    Mine was Rocky Horror Picture Show. Sex, singing, dancing. and transsexual aliens. I can work with that.
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    The Avengers. So…do I get to pick who I am?
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    Monty Python Live. Am unsure of what to think of this.
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    Emperors New Groove, YES!!!!
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    PMMM Rebellion well shit
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    Inception … Dammit , I ain’t smart enough for that shit
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    Kill Bill: Volume 1… hm…
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    The Hunger Games… Catching Fire
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    re-watched Disney’s Aladdin. Huh. Okay.